Please note we can only ship to legal states. Mosaicism involves the presence of two or more populations of cells with different genotypes in one individual, who has developed from a single fertilized egg.
Sign up for our Weekly Newsletter for Promotions, News, & Tips. For example: A mosaic parent and a classic grey parent have a 50% chance of producing a mosaic offspring and a 50% chance of producing a classic colored offspring. Monday 9AM–4PMTuesday 9AM–4PMWednesday 9AM–4PMThursday 9AM–4PMFriday 9AM–4PMClosed Weekends, Sales - Domestic & International The sugar glider pictured is Starman who is a Creme~ino Ringtail Mosaic, as evident by the large white tip on his tail. She has a single, defined ring by the tip of her tail. Victoria Mosaic Female 100% Cremeino het OOP date: 5/1/18 Parents: Kisses & Reese Price: $900 AVAILABLE We have been most fortunate to have a little glider come out with this amazing coloration here. In human blood chimeras of the same sex, chimerism may be detected through routine blood typing, when unexpected results prompt further genetic investigation. Albino Sugar Gliders can … Sugar gliders are found throughout the northern and eastern parts of mainland Australia, Tasmania, New Guinea and several associated isles, the Bismarck Archipelago, Louisiade Archipelago, and certain isles of Indonesia, Halmahera Islands of the North Moluccas. We are licensed experts in sugar glider shipping around the world. The different tissues of tetragametic chimeras are made up of cells derived from one or both zygotes; for example, while one tissue type may consist of cells from one zygote, other tissues may consist of cells from the other zygote or may be cellular composites of both zygotes. Typically, a TPM has a white “flash” mosaic marking on its neck and a white or ring tail. Both of his parents are 100% het for Creme~ino, and his mother is a Ringtail Mosaic. In the wild, a sugar glider's diet includes nectar and sap from trees. The patterns and color are random, but that just makes them more unique! In dispermic chimeras, two eggs that have been fertilized by two sperm fuse together, producing a so-called tetragametic individual—an individual originating from four gametes, or sex cells. We are a USDA licensed sugar glider breeder. This short video is for our friend and customer Angie, who bought this female White Faced Blonde White Mosaic joey from us. In sugar gliders, mosaicism is either present or is not present. She is my very first Chimera sugar glider. This special lady is Eve.

It is co-dominant and can never be recessive or heterozygous. Petaurus breviceps means short-headed rope dancer but it is more appropriate to call these animals sugar gliders because of their preference for sugary food like nectar and their capability to glide through the air.. 2nd glider is Tatiana. In that case,  just one parent has to be a Mosaic in order to produce it. She has a large white ring.

It’s more common to see this coloration happening with cats or horses, but some sugar glider carry this disposition as well. View our Mosaic Sugar Gliders for sale below. Some Creme~ino Mosaics show other Mosaic Patterns on different parts of their body. We have outstanding support and sales team ready to help. $25 will be taken off the price of every additional sugar glider purchased after the first one. We take majority form of payments that will be protected.

Piebald Mosaics are a rare type of sugar glider, but the Wow Piebald is even more rare than that.

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